A Taste of Submission (Part 1)

They’d agreed to meet, nothing more. A test run to see if they were a good fit, a broken billionaire and a submissive in search for a new dominant…

Pia Monroe
4 min readDec 27, 2021


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His text came at 7:10 PM.

– Be in front of my hotel room at 9:00. –

There were no other instructions and I didn’t dare ask. We had an agreement to do a test run, nothing more, before he’d make his decision on whether he’d pick me or not.

But what did he want me to wear? Did he want me with underwear or did he want me without it? What about my hair? Should I put it up using something he could tie me down with later, or leave it loose so he could grab it to pull me wherever he wanted me?

For a moment, I panicked. I was so used to being told what to do, what to wear, even when to brush my teeth that with Blaze, my mind became a blank slate. What I wanted didn’t matter. I only needed to know what he preferred, how he wanted me to present myself to him.

What would he like?

What did he like?

After telling myself to calm down, I chose to wear a red wraparound dress and stilettos. Black lace bra and matching panties. No, Alannah, get rid of the bra. Just keep the panties. Then I cabbed it to the hotel and made my way to one of the top floors.

At 8:56, I was standing in front of his door, chewing on my bottom lip. I was nervous. I was a wreck. What now? Should I be in ready position? Out here in the hallway? No, that would be ridiculous. Which ready position? Would he be a good Dominant? Would he remember my safe word? Would he listen?

I knocked on the door and listened for a few moments. I heard movement on the other side and wondered if he was looking through the peephole. I looked down at my red dress and stilettos that had drawn every man’s attention the moment I walked into the lobby. A few women, too.

I knew I looked good. No, I looked amazing. The dress clung to every curve, the wrap accentuating the swell of my breasts. My hair was down and my makeup was on point. Not too much. Just right. I wanted to please him.



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