Barter Games (Part 4 of 5)

I can smell her heat. I can almost taste it. How many times had she teased me with her body throughout my service to her family? Did she really think I never caught the glances she sent my way?

Pia Monroe
9 min readNov 13, 2021


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The Bodyguard

She gets off my hips and gently settles on her back on the makeshift bed. She grimaces when she lowers her tender ass but sighs in gratitude when I position the table linens underneath her.

The bed of leaves rustle beneath us.

“What if the bed breaks?” she asks as I position myself over her.

“It won’t.” I’d constructed from the roots of the pandanus tree, reinforced with tripods at the base that I’d lashed together. There’s even a roof of the same palm leaves so it looks like a raised carport.

I kiss her again, deeper this time, my tongue exploring what is mine for the night, my hand tracing the soft curves of her body beneath me and settling on her hip. I pull her thigh, feeling her leg slide against my side.

She pulls away, breathless. “Exactly what taste of me did you have in mind?”

“This.” I kiss the hollow of her neck. “And this.” The skin between her neck and shoulder.

She sighs.

I slide the strap of her gown, watching inch after inch of skin slowly revealed to me, her breast full and heavy as I cup it in my palm. “And then there’s this.” I run my tongue on a hard nipple while my other hand palms the other tit.

“Mariano…” she breathes.

“Any other questions?” I swirl my tongue around her exposed nipple.

“No,” she whispers as I slide the strap off her other shoulder, my hand cupping her other tit, so full against my palm.

“Would you like me to stop?”

“No,” she moans, almost impatiently, my tongue swirling around her other nipple. “Keep… keep tasting.”

And I do, all the way down to her hip and her inner thighs. As I part her legs, her sequined gown slides open to reveal a patterned lace thong, complete with a lone sequin to complete her look. I kiss her mound and…



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