The Way You Wake Me…

Pia Monroe
3 min readOct 19, 2022
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I can feel you stir on the bed behind me. Your arms slide around my waist to pull me close, your torso warm and comforting, a reminder of how safe I feel with you.

I’m still half asleep, my dreams of you replaced by the feel of your strong hand cupping my breast, squeezing gently before pinching my nipple. You kiss the back of my neck, your breath warm against my skin. Your stubble tickles, but the sensation is replaced by something better, your lips grazing my skin, leaving goosebumps in its wake.

I moan as you pull on my nipple before letting your hand slide down my belly and lower still to settle between my legs. You cup what’s yours, your finger sliding between the folds to find me already wet for you, anticipating what’s going to come next.

“You’re so wet for me, baby. I like that.” Your voice is heavy with sleep even as your body is wide awake, the head of your cock pressing against my back. I love how you take control of me, my body responding to your every movement, your every unspoken command.

My nipples hardening, my pussy so wet and ready for you.

“That’s my good girl.”

I arch my back as you guide your cock between my folds, coating the head and the shaft with my wetness before sliding inside me, filling me as I moan into the pillow. You growl against my shoulder, your possession of me complete as you begin to fuck me, slowly at first, our moans filling the darkness of the room.

I moan as you rub my clit with your finger. Circles, maddening circles that leave me panting for breath as I feel my release building, building, building. Rising like a wave from the deepest part of the ocean rushing toward the shore.

Suddenly your hand leaves my pussy, and you slap my ass. I cry out as the contact stings, my pussy tightening around your thick cock as you thrust inside me. Another slap and another, your cock filling me with every push, leaving me empty every time you pull back only to drive back in again.

“Come for me, baby,” you order as you pinch my nipple. Hard.

When I finally come, my body tightens in your grip, the sound that leaves my lips guttural and primal. The mixture of pain from your unrelenting fingers pinching my nipple and the pleasure of your…

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